ATM/Holley verses Carter 625 AFB

I have never dyno tested a Carter 750 AFB v 750 AVS, but the AFB always felt a bit stronger on the secondaries going by the butt-meter. The AVS had holes drilled in the sec discharge tubes; each side L & R, had different sizes & positions. Obviously very specific for the application. One can only guess what impact that would have if something in the engine was changed, like cam or intake manifold.
Out if curiosity what do they charge to do a carb for a class racer?
It was about 10 years ago, i think it was $275, but i think it was well worth it, like i said best carb i have ever ran, always starts cold with no choke and idles within seconds. I have smaller jets in it now that what came factory.
Here let me show you again:

Imagine running quickest with a 650 DP on 425 CI with all those pumping losses......and 5.5 inches of vacuum at WOT. Greg Kuchel had no problem making stupid power with just an old 750.

Fuel is a hydrocarbon. Every fuel is different dependent on what the fuel chemist choses to use in his blend. What doesn't change is the chemistry and process of combustion.

While you obsess about airflow you miss the most important fact about an Internal Combustion Engine......COMBUSTION!