Danbury and Franklin Mint Models....For Sale



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Oct 15, 2010
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Bishop, California
I recently got a 30 year collection of Danbury and Franklin Mint Models. The collection was started in the 1970's. Most models were never opened....just put in storage. I was interested in the MOPAR models. Unfortunately....There were only 11 MOPAR models.
Here's the reason for the posting....there are about 130-150 other Models of classic cars...muscle cars...pickups.....Model A and T's.....European cars...tractors...planes. They are mostly boxed with all paperwork.
There were also about 25 models which were opened and displayed but no boxes or paperwork now.
So...I'm selling them all....excluding the MOPARS.
The original price was probably $12,000-$15,000...my guess.
I would sell all of them or one at a time.
I have a Word.doc which has the list of cars I have. I can send you a list by e-mail and photos also.
I'm using the price-guide on cars sold on EBAY...but discounted.....typically $40-$90 each but some more....ie 1930 Cadillac selling for $1200 on EBAY. I have one in the collection.

If you are interested in buying.....send me a PM and I'll send the list.
I'm negotiable on prices but just need to get my investment back.
I've sold a few already and shipped them UPS insured. They arrived at the buyers in great shape.
Best Regards


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Yes....I have a 1957 Plymouth Fury from Danbury Mint. Not Christine. This is a new-in-box model.....complete.
$50.00 plus $15 shipping UPS insured.
Thanks for asking.
Thank you for all of the interest in the Danbury Mint Models. I've sold all but about 10 boxed and unopened models. I also have 7 unboxed and displayed vehicles but still good for parts. I have several large Jim Beam car Models (some boxed) and Boxed Fire trucks (non-Danbury ). I also have two large Model airplane kits....one from Korea and one from Viet Nam era.
I would like to complete the selling of the models. Any interest can PM me for pictures and lists of all remaining models.
Again .....Thanks
Bishop, California
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Sold the 1957 Ford 8N tractor last week.
Still some available....
Including 1958 Chevy Apache PU $50
1956 T-Bird $115
1962 T-Bird $70
1932 (Silver) Cadillac V-16 $200
1957 Chevy Cameo PU $90
1935 Ford PU $100
1956 Ford F100 PU $120
WW2 Jeep $85
Harvest Hollow Tractor and Wagon $220
Under EBay prices. Negotiable prices
PM Howard
Bishop, California