Dec 14, 1972 Last Man on the Moon

Not to make anyone feel old, or anything, but that was exactly 3 years before I was born. My wife was 3 weeks old.
Wow, 65LoveAffair, we share the same birthday. Day and year. Maybe you're my long lost evil twin?
Well, Happy Belated 41st Birthday, then! You're the second person I've met in my life with the exact same birthday as me. The other was a woman I knew in the Navy. Kinda funny!
I was 15 at that time...
I was 9 years old and was allowed to stay up to watch it. I had seen every Apollo launch since Apollo 11 and wouldn't miss it! The Apollo moon missions were a big part of my childhood. Saw them all on a little 13" Black and White TV except for Apollo 17 which I saw on the big 23" Color Zeinith TV my Dad bought that year.

How come no one ever us sames THEY are the evil one ?
Ha ha, human nature, I guess. We rarely recognize the evil within ourselves.

I envision 65LoveAffair looking just like me, only he has a goatee and wears all black clothes. He also talks with an odd European accent, maybe German or Austrian, and he has a maniacal laugh.