Door lock anchoring



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Jul 31, 2014
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73 Plymouth Duster

Well my first effort today working on an interior/exterior trim issue. My driver side door lock has always jiggled from the end of the restoration. Yesterday the brass inside clip finally fell off and lock was totally loose. I took the leap and pulled the door panel. It quickly became clear that I do not have a mechanics small hands. I did get the clip on, but only the second set of ears on the lock. Sure enough when I shut the door the clip fell off. Will try again tomorrow to get it on the first set of ears.
Yea, find the best position with your arms and hands. Once you get it pushed on a little find a long tool to carefully tap it on the rest of the way. You can buy those clips new-check e-bay
There is a gasket that goes outside between lock and doorskin. Is it missing?
That would be part of your rattle.
Its not just you, the locks are a pain in the arse.
I do have the gaskets. I did get a complete set of fresh replacement gaskets for the restore. I will try again tomorrow to get the inside set of ears while pushing the lock in from the outside.

A little grease on the c-lock will help,and a LFH.
Instead of a BFH.