Indianapolis Swap This Weekend

On way home. They weren't as busy as last year.
Didn't buy much. Went to a&a about some trans parts they didn't have there, were back at the shop. As it turns out there's a WIT trans warehouse a few miles away...
Bought Tom Hand's 727 book from A&A...
And a couple of smalls for my truck. Him hawed about a few more smalls but walked out because I ended up on the phone with WIT. I didnt want to try and talk to both at same time.... drives me crazy when people do that to me..... so I didnt want to do it "back".
The guy with that aluminum/6 also had a few cutaway chunks of /6 head on display much like what we've all seen posted in head porting posts from both here and the /6 site.
That alum /6 was part of a "wanted" display looking for /6 stuff

oops damn phone and "autocorrect".... it definitely didnt know what I was trying to say....
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Thank you, I have called several times and they won't answer ( probably because they are there)

Let me know if they are doing any discounts for the show. Crossed fingers.
Only Indy Cylinder Head discount at the show is on their own cylinder heads.
@volaredon: My friends were right across from A&A. They had a bunch of truck grills
I saw those. Didn't know who was who.
They had 70s grills that I remember
The /6 posted above wasn't far from that stand either.
I wanted something from DMT but each time I went by there he was busy
Getting crazy expensive to go.
They charge for parking and then to get in the door too...
By the time we got in the door my wife and I were already out $40. 10/park and $15/head to get in the door.
$6 for a pop, (x2 for the time we were there) $6 for an order of fries and $8 for a cold pretzel...
Before we bought a damn thing...
Maybe why it wasn't as busy yesterday as the last couple of years? I have been there now for only 4-5 years now, but it's gone up a bunch it seems just in that length of time....
Like every year don't buy the first of anything you see... I saw the same thing from one guy might be $80 and a few rows over see someone else with the same thing asking $20.....
Mainly talking AFB /Edelbrock carbs and several TQs all of which were nasty and some even missing parts... Some of the nastier ones were the more costly.
Same story on intakes, whether cast iron stockers or Weiand or performers I didn't bring any of those home. Almost brought home another TQ but I already have 4 of those at home so I left them
I ran into that last year too, I bought a steering column for a stick shift 80s truck for $50... I had asked him for a price and walked. When I saw someone else with the same steering column for $150 I went right back over and bought the $50 one...
I saw some really rotten sheet metal for crazy price and a radiator where the fan had hit it-- it was bowed out hard--- but it was like $225 because of what it had been in... You might have been able to salvage the tanks for a recore..... This was towards the corner between DMT and the concession stand... Nuts.
I did see 1 set of '302 head cores with rocker arms and shafts for a real good price.... They were still plenty preserved by remnants of the leaky engine they were on, all oily and sludgey still...he only wanted $60/pair.
Same guy had a set of the 80s "hurricane" truck wheels, even a 5th one for a matching spare, would have been alright for a driver, but I didn't ask price.
There were a couple of 80s truck dash bezels that I thought were crazy prices. Not near the amount of stuff for those there this year compared to the last few years.
Surprised there was a guy that had mostly f body stuff.....
Jim told me he’s the only guy making kits for the older Dodge trucks.
We had a good time...Thanks to the members that helped with the little gag on my wife. The best one was "Is that your wife? She was here with a different guy yesterday" LOL Visited with HEMISSDART for a bit. Thanks to Pauly for helping with a vendor friend of his. So we picked up a header panel for a 67 Barracuda from fellow member Jason. (thanks again) An especially nice LD4B intake. A cheap set of decent 68 Barracuda hood inserts which I will be passing along to another member. Made some good contacts for other members needing certain parts. Got some great pics of the cars...SUPERCUDA and the 1967 Hemi GTX...that was a sweet ride! A particularly well done DEMON. Karrin finally got her Texas Barbecue sandwich from The Bulldog/ Pizza King. That was a great place to anyone that goes to Indy or next years swap. It was a little smaller this year but still worth it. Another vendor separated a 67 Coronet R/T glove box door from a dash set he had for us for $40. That was quite kind of him! The only bad thing other than the parking was my sore *** from sitting in the truck for 5 hours! LOL
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They show small block covers on the website and price sheet. That's what I'm trying to find out if they have them. I even sent a price quote request and never heard from them. I think its a mistake or they don't carry them anymore????

If anyone finds out, please post it. Thanks

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yes they had sets there and they are nice. Thay are a stock item 360 small block. I spoke to a rep and got the response WE are all here there is no one there to answer. LOL
yes they had sets there and they are nice. Thay are a stock item 360 small block. I spoke to a rep and got the response WE are all here there is no one there to answer. LOL
Yes, Chris(owner) said there had brought about 8 sets with them.
Nope. I posted a blurb about him on the /6 site this morning hoping someone might know who he is. Or maybe a member there?