Look what I just found...69 Barracuda Restomodded

A well executed Hellcat anything is gonna be north of $70k. Just check some of the builds on here. For ease of math just figure the hours times $100. Weekend morning shows have created the "I can LS/Coyote/Hemi anything" for cheap. But where a persons talent ends, the check book comes out, and hopefully with acceptable results. I'm not saying a person can't build a stunning Gen3 or Hellcat powered car for that number... but if it's you and your selling at that number, you're time was under valued. Yet as a whole if we were in the market for that car we would also undervalue that builders time, and if that builder was you...you would be insulted. Hell, I have at least $70k in mine , its adds up slow but in large deposits.
^^^^actually , that would be cool. Could even to a Passon 5 speed with no mods. even still, now your at 80k.