My old 340 dart sport..if you want real story from previous owner message me



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Nov 27, 2010
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Drums, PA
I havent been on in awhile since I bought my challenger hellcat in 2018....but a recent search still shows this place has my old car for sale......they pulled the ad and let it cool down for a few years after i called them out on it in 2020....It does not have 20k miles on it..they turned the odometer had 88k original miles on it when I sold it....there are others things if you are considering buying this car message me first...
Sorry that was a typo...meant 98k miles on it when I sold original ads when I had it for sale are still on this site
damn straight, asking 30K for a dart sport is downright criminal!
Hmmm, these days, I dunno......local grocery chain has 10oz bag of Tostitos @$5.29, & I just paid $3.90/gal. for 87reg. If it actually had 20K on it, why not, sure it's not going to command over $100K like some old Datsun Z-cars have recently but hey......:rolleyes: