New carb or current carb?



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Oct 3, 2008
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Ontario, Canada
Hey guys,

Looking for some opinions from the Mopar masters. Here's the car:

70 Dart with a 318, LD340, stock small valve 360 heads, Comp XE-262 cam, 904 with a stage 1 shift kit and a mild stall converter. Rear is a 8.75 running 3.23 posi (LOL, just kidding, it's a 3.23 sure-grip. I hate it when so called Mopar guys say "posi").

The carb I have is a Carter 625 AFB. The Carter seems to work just fine, maybe it could use some tuning but otherwise there's no issues.

Would I be wasting my money if I went out and bought a new Edelbrock or Demon carb? I figure the Carter is a 45 year old design, so maybe I'll get a bit more power and efficiency with a newer model?
Man if is worken good & just want to fine tune it spend your $$$ on a wide band band o2 meter & fine tune what you have. Vacum secondary carbs are more forgiving of mismatch parts & lower torque motors but proper tuning will make any carb work great! I've gotten them both (mechanical &vacuum secondary) carbs. That's what id spend my $$$ on. Got my eddy 500 to work pretty sweet on my 65 GT & banished the 'BOG' there known for. Buy a gauge & fine tune it man!
If the 625 Carder is working fine, keep it.
You will see hardly any difference by changing carbs.
If you do decide to change, I recommend the 625 street demon over the eldebrock.
Yeah, I was kind of thinking the same thing. I guess I needed to hear it from someone else.

Thanks guys.