In fact, now that my memory is grudgingly working, the 85 models were the first fix bodies to get a dual exhaust system. The 83 and 84 models had a single exhaust with a polished dual outlet on the driver's side.
A good friend of mine had an 85 GT with a 5 speed, fun car!
The '85s had two tail pipes but a Y pipe off the engine that split back into two. '86 was first year for true dual exhaust on the fox bodies.

Love the 2.5" H pipe system from TTi with Dynomax Ultraflows on my Cuda.

When trying to decide what mufflers to get, I came across this 69 Barracuda on YouTube.
I don't know who the owner is but I loved the sound of this car and is why I went with the Dynomax Ultraflows.