Post pics of your black rims!

Weld S104 Ventura 17x8

I realize that these have the polished lips but the black spokes are what pushed me over the edge on buying them.

I have gotten a surprising number of compliments already on these and they fit perfectly…but I do miss my Minilite style wheels so these are up for sale. Yes, already. I’m extremely fickle when it comes to wheels…which is an expensive problem to have. :D

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Dude! That has got to be one of the nicest Dart Sport’s I’ve ever seen! IMO those wheels just complete the look of that car!
15 x 6 steelies

Skärmavbild 2018-08-13 kl. 13.10.30.png
My rears are Wheel Vintiques 15x8s soon to be change to slots to match the front.