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Apr 23, 2010
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Hindsight being what it is, I am SO glad that my sons project car started out by us scavenging a parts car to the bones. He is learning alot, as am I (that's the perfect father / son project!). We still have alot to get off of the parts car. I need to buy one of those spotweld bits so I can remove the rear speaker shelf and the trunk latch mechanism housing (frame/cage) from the parts car that the previous owner cut out of the project (black) car. There's not a whole lot to replace on the project car metal wise. Driver side rocker, speaker shelf, the trunk latch metal cage, and a few odds and ends. Don't you love it when you drag a project home and suddenly realize...."Crap, I didn't see that before!"







Sound like a plan. Are you going to use the stick shift parts from the green one on the black one?

That portion (decision) of the project is up in the air at this time :argue:. However, we are going to scavenge the 4spd goodies (pedals, hump, Z bar, etc...) and set them aside. My son wants the black car to be a 4spd. We will see. We can't find an a833 or a 727 at this time.
I realize that it's been awhile, but it has been crazy around here. We have very few parts left to scavenge off the parts car. Mostly stuff that is being stubborn like the attaching hardware that is rusty like the passenger pop out window screws.
But we have FINALLY been able to move our attention to Project Deeds (the primer black car). Our first item on it was to remove the damaged grill. We then removed the engine and front light wiring harness's. Sealed up all the holes in the engine compartment that would allow debris where we didn't want it from the media blasting. And removed the front fenders. We have chosen to only media blast the areas that need it to cut down on the mess that comes with media blasting. Specifically the frame rail area underneath where the battery originally mounted. My brother has done this same repair on his '67 'Cuda so we are in good hands there. And there are two other spots that concern me, but they should be nothing. The rest of the engine compartment we are going to chemically strip. Sorry I don't have pics right now. But they will come soon. We are blasting this weekend or next.
Media blasting the frame rail underneath where the battery mounted tomorrow. Pic's to come.
Very nice project perfect for father / son !

a pity I have no son

Still waiting for pics

This is what we did today. (And when I say "we" I refer to my brother and myself. My son had a football fund raiser today that he couldn't miss.) The area underneath the battery tray. Most all of you have seen or experienced the rot that happens in that area. In this case Project Deeds wasn't too bad. I sandblasted the small area we needed to work on and at the same time recalled why I hate sandblasting! Next we cut 2 metal patches, tacked them down and completed final welds. The patches on the frame will look real good once the welds are ground down smooth. The vertical and two round "messy" looking welds you see up higher on the fenderwell was an attempt to fill where the metal had rusted out. That area was rusted bad and the metal was really thin. We tack welded a piece of metal to the backside of the fenderwell and then filled it in the best we could from the front side. The right way would have been to cut that area out, form the patch and weld it in. I don't think any of you would disagree there, BUT we were limited on time. We got it to where the metal is structurally sound. The plan right now (once the welds are ground down smooth) is to use a little fiberglass and a little filler on the upper fenderwell portion to cover the welds and smooth it out and make it presentable. We didn't grind down the welds because it isn't our car. That's all left to my son. It's his car, he can have some fun sweating like we did today!



Removed the K member Saturday. Found a few issues we will have to address, but for a car this old (and in Illinois) the front clip isn't in bad shape at all. Also decided to just go ahead and blast the front clip now and do the repairs, primer, and paint. Finally we are getting somewhere on this thing!
Sweetttt!!!! Cant believe I missed this before! Cool project, your son is one lucky kid! I wish me and my dad would do a project, but he just sees Darts as "old junk". Btw, I love when you look at a project and forget to check something out about it and later realize after you have already bought it. lol. Best of luck, looks like a good solid start especially for that part of the country.
Nice job, i like your work area. Our work area is grass/mud but it is in the shade. I just wish we could get it in the garage, now the daylight keeps getting shorter. From one father/son to another i wouldnt trade this for anything and looking forword to a father/daughter project in six years or so.
We're sharing garage space with my brothers '67 Cuda. When we need to prime and paint the Cuda will come out and the Duster will go in. We're lucky for that!
From last Sunday and this Sunday. Blasting, priming, welding. Last pic is of my grandmother posing by her grandsons project. She had a '73 340 /auto car. I remember it like it was yesterday and so does she!


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Pics update! Front end is rebuilt! I am ASTONISHED at what a difference there is from old to new. Just bouncing the front end by hand and you actually feel resistance unlike the old worn out front end that you could bounce easily. Total cost for front end parts, POR15 products and sand.......$600 or so. Well worth the money spent in my opinion. By Spring the front fenders will be prepped and ready to hang. The plan (in the Spring) is to apply truck bed liner to the outer fender wells. We left any original undercoating that would not come off easily with sandblasting (as seen in pics). And painting the engine compartment the "color of the day" will happen in the Spring. All this paid for by a 15 year old kid with a strong desire to have this car running and driving by August 2011.


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Last two pics.


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Alot went on over the winter. Unfortunately it wasn't on Project Deeds! But lady luck has smiled on us and I was able to work out a deal with a co-worker of mine who co-owns New Covenant Performance ( (Check them out! (That was my cheap, shameless plug for their shop.) Anyway, they are taking my 15 year old (Nicknamed "Deeds" by his football coaches) under their wing, teaching him the fine art of precision engine building and monitoring every step of the tear down, machining and rebuild process of the 360 that will be going into Project Deeds. Saturday we visited the shop and Deeds was given one-step-at-a-time instruction on the tear down of the 360. They let us use their facility, their tools, and even provided lunch (I was designated as the grill operator). Not only that, my son got to take a break in between the tear down steps to see a 455 Pontiac dyno tuned.

I CAN'T SAY ENOUGH about these guys and what they are doing to promote and educate our future generation of enthusiasts. There should be more shops like this out there! KUDOS to!
Nice project!!!! I would have tried to save that green Duster tho..... neat mint green color, dog dish hubcaps, & a stick car to boot#-o
Nice project!!!! I would have tried to save that green Duster tho..... neat mint green color, dog dish hubcaps, & a stick car to boot#-o

The green cars rot had rot! It was "rescued" from a wooded area where it had sat (and sank) for the past 20 years. They had to cut trees down just to get it out! Plus it took four mules and a little boy to pull it out of the ground.
The green cars rot had rot! It was "rescued" from a wooded area where it had sat (and sank) for the past 20 years. They had to cut trees down just to get it out! Plus it took four mules and a little boy to pull it out of the ground.
screams rescue operation lol