QA1 discount promo code????????????????????



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Feb 1, 2007
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you would think with them being on here pimping their wares that they would throw us a bone. not being greedy but I don't think 10% off is too much to ask.
Been trying to contact them to get some conversion stud ends for their shocks, don’t know where to order or talk to someone about them
Didn’t see a number, I’ll have to look again
I ordered my QA1 kit from Summit Racing when they had 10% off with free shipping.
I inquired about a military discount because I thought it would have the best chance. here is the email response I received back.

Thanks for reaching out to QA1. In the past, armed forces members have had the best luck with using retailers like Summit Racing, Jegs etc. for getting the best deals with military discounts on our products. While we do offer military discounts the shipping rates direct to consumers from us will negate any savings that would have been. We do not compete with our distributors and retailers as we figure it is bad business to undercut those that are supporting us. Retailers like these do a tremendous amount of shipping boxes to residential addresses and can often offer reduced/free shipping on purchases. As a manufacturer that mainly ships pallets to warehouses we do not get these same types of rates. I believe you would save likely hundreds of dollars just in the freight charges by going that route.

Thanks again for reaching out. If you have any other specific questions, please let us know or our team is here to help on our Tech Line at 952-985-5675 M-F 9AM-5PM central time.