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Nov 20, 2014
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Does anyone know anyone that produces a stock stroke 3.31 / 4.125 around 10.5: 1 340 piston don't want to pay
$3,000 for a set of custom pistons
I think Indy Cylinder Heads does a 4.185 bore LA at 440 cubes. I don't know the compression height. You may want to poke around on their website. I think that build is in the pricing section, and in pdf format.

Or use the search function on the summit site to find something in the range you are looking for.
This is a question, not a suggestion.....
400 small Chevy piston, long small block chevy rod, cut your rod throws to 2.100?
Probably have to recut valve reliefs.
Might still be less than a $3000 custom piston.....
400 small Chevy piston
@ a 1.425 comp distance, using a 3.310 stroke, the con rod would need to be about 6.500 long
@ a 1.540 comp distance, using a 3.310 stroke, the con rod would need to be about 6.400 long
Just saying for a reference.
It is a Kent Ritter 59 Degree tall deck block i also have a R3 48 degree 426 tall deck i need to dumb the Kent ritter down for licensing so i thought I would put my spare parts into it 340 crank with eagle i- beams until it is licensed then change to a 4.125 crank & Bore
400 Pontiac, 389+060 Pontiac, 428 Pontiac, 402 Chebby, AMC 360 + 040, 455 Olds are all in that size range.
DSS WILL MAKE YOU A PISTON FOR A DECENT PRICE and they are quick had my pistons in 3 months back in 2020
I was aware of that. Pin diameters & valve recesses different too. Maybe one was 'close enough'...
Its a Kent Ritter its already been running as a 4.125 bore i think they can go to 4.25
Special Piston Services
Did you try these guys in Melb? or is that where you got the initial $3000 quote from?
Haven't heard of them gave them a call about 6 weeks to make $2500 Aud so about $1900 USD
Last set I had made by Diamond they made for 4.125 SB LA we told them Victor heads so they made the pistons SB but with big block victor head valve pockets in the piston which we had to recut through the Ceramic coating
A friend of mine put me onto them after getting fucked around by JE Pistons.
I cross my fingers when ever I have to order anything custom from the US these days..
It's like most of the staff smoke bongs..