Slant six dipstick length



Jan 20, 2021
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Greenwood, SC
So for some reason my oil dipstick broke off just below the entry point. I need to check oil manually so how long is a slant 6 dipstick from top of tube to end?

I am currently doing the hot Rod power tour and I need to check my oil regularly.

Thanks in advance!
That happened to me once on a road trip. I just slid the broken part of the tube onto the dipstick and would just put the dipstick with tube into the hole to check oil. I stuffed a rag and stubby screwdriver into the block hole after pulling the dipstick/tube out. I kept the broken piece of tube on the dipstick until I got another tube.
So how far does the stick go into the pan after the tube ends? I can just use something but need to know how far in it goes. Or do I just go in until it touches the bottom of the pan?
I hesitate to say, as there may be differences between front sump, center sumps and rear sump..

I have a rear sump oil pan, and my dipstick tube broke off.. so I got a V8 dipstick..changed the oil, so I would know for sure how much was in the oil pan,... and then scribed new marks on the dipstick... (no slant 6 trucks at the salvage yard)

What ever you end up doing, as long as it is repeatable and fairly accurate, you should be ok..
I heard a rumor that the dipsticks are the same for the 426 Hemi and Slant Six...
I'd, like to know for sure as I need the correct one for my 225 Slant.
The tube it self is about 11.25" and the dipstick that came with the at 23.5" seems too long. When bottomed out it sticks out about exactly 2.5", meaning the correct size should be a little less than 21"...