Time to Fix It Right

i think you have a mismatch of parts , big cam how far down the hole are those pistons ? you should be able to idle under 900 for sure . holley is easy to rebuild so start with that . compression is way low . and the lights dimming With Crackedbacks relay is weird .
think you have a bunch of little problems that have added up Good luck getting the car running right
  • Cruising. I would like to be able to go for a drive without stalling out at intersections or overheating in traffic (to the extent that this is possible in a ~50 year old car).
  • this is possible I drive my car every day 100 miles , in traffic a good part of the time does not stall or overheat , you can do it as well , you just need the right combo of parts and a good tune
Thanks for the feedback, all. I agree those numbers are quite low. However, they're not THAT much lower than when I ran this test 7/8 years ago with a threaded type tester from AutoZone. Those were in the 110-115 range.

Anyhow, I will try again with a loaner screw-in type and see if things look any different. Want to get this step right before moving on to any other plans.
Another update! Sorry these are so slow. Maybe I should have named the thread "Do I Have Time To Fix It Right?"

Was able to get a loaner screw-in type tester from AutoZone. Didn't have time to test all 8 cylinders today, so I ran three interesting ones (engine cold, WOT)

Driver's Side
1 - 120
5 - 105

Passenger's Side
4 - 110

So if the numbers are pretty consistent (per the earlier test), and this is a baseline (110ish), is that reasonable given the 280H cam?