WANTED: LBP slot mags

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Oct 3, 2008
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Ontario, Canada
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Hey everyone, I'm looking for a pair of 14" x 6" large bolt pattern slot mags. The ones I have right now are 6.75" and are too wide, so I really need them to be 6".

I would very much prefer to find them in Canada, but I will consider buying them from anywhere. If you're in the US I have a US address you can ship to, but that means I won't be seeing the rims any time soon. Shoot me a PM and post in this thread if you have what I'm looking for.

The only thing I have thats close is a set of 4 American outlaw rims.They are 14x6 which is your desired size and thier aluminum. I'll take $200 for all +shipping.

I don't want to get you all stirred up by my posting, but I have come across the same thing. I have 7 1/2" slots that are a bit to big in front. They even bent my 1/4 panel on both sides. I ask on the forum awhile ago too.

Can I ask what your backspace is? my is 3". I think we need for like 4.75 or so.

Maybe find a set of 4?
The backspace on the rims I have is a little less than 4"... just about 3.875" (3 7/8"). The width of the rims is 6.75". The backspace would be fine if I could find a set 6" wide...
I have 2 14 inch slots that I will sell for $50.00 plus shipping. I will have to check but I think that they are uni-lug. Send me a email and I will send you some pictures. I am putting 15 inch slots on my '73 Dart Sport.

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I've been watching... Let me know if you find two more. O.k?

I have found a couple single rims on E-bay. I might just go that route and buy two separate rims. But them I have 3 different sets of rims on my car! EEK! Crazy.

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