What kind of car is this?



Aug 24, 2010
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Decatur, IL
My first thought was Pantera, but it's more rounded than I remember them and the tail lights don't look right. Anybody know what this is? I could swear I've seen them before, but I can't place it and it's driving me nuts! Thanks in advance, and sorry for the poor photo quality.

I think the Maserati rings true, or at least Italian...what model and year may be difficult but I think the what little bit of the profile you can see it may be a Ghibli...but if that is a gullwing that will throw a kink in the works...then I would default to Lamborghini Marzal..just a tad to fuzzy of a photo...
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I'm not really sure, the early Jalpas had round tail lights but I think the later ones had one piece units.
LAMBORGHINI Jalpa looks similar, but it isn't

Neither a Marzal (was only a concept) or a Mangusta.
That is a Pontiac Fiero with a Scorpion body kit similar to this one...


Unkown car 1.jpg

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of course I think you joking on the chevy Vega...but just in case you deferring to the Facel Vega. an sure it did not carry to the more sleek lines that the era of car pictured displays..
still appears to be a gullwing car....I'm looking at what appears to be a light/lens/reflector when opened.....the picture is just way to degraded to give/lend itself to details...if a gullwing then not the Scorpion body.....if not a gullwing what is the red at the roofline.....
The red at the roofline is your bad eyesight. That's the reflection of the tail light of the vehicle in front of it. It's not a gull wing car.
I thought reflection at first when studying the pic..both ideas are sketchy....but again I have to defer to the lousy picture.....just no detail in anything....so if it be a kit car.....and a Fiero at that...not much going for it..nothing more will give it a bit of street cred....lol
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