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  • Hello, thanks for message regarding a front bumper for my 65 dart on the other forum.
    I am waiting to get a price from bumperboyz and having a good core makes a big difference to the price.
    How much would you want for the core and what would it cost to send to bumperboyz, if this is even an option.
    Its So hard getting parts in New Zealand.
    Thanks for your help.
    Regards Stephen
    Hey 65dartcharger I know its been a while since I had to send via email the photo of the emblem on the dash.

    Was wondering if you had entered it into your registry.
    A couple of questions if you have time.
    The window sheet . How did you get the window sticker? Did you create it or was it gotten from Chrysler?
    The Broadcast sheet. Again obtained from Chrysler?

    Thank you
    I will ship to Sweden ,Ulf.
    My inbox was full,sorry am not very good
    With electronic stuff.
    The back up lamp wiring kit I can ship to you.
    Thanks! I'll take it. Let me know total incl shpg.
    Hey I have a question, I’ve been looking for 5x4 cragars for my valiant, but the only ones I can find have that weird inner lip that aren’t on 5x4.5 rims if that makes sense , are the ones that came on dart chargers on the only ones that are that bolt pattern that look like that ?
    I have a 65 Dart GT convertible. The person I bought it from said he thought it was a Go Go Dart. Is there a way to confirm if it really is? Thanks
    Great condition on the fendertag! What is your Vin number?
    I can see that your car is well equipped from factory.
    Ulf Interesting Its been a while but I think my car was the next one built after his. You would have to go back to 2011 to find my info though. LOL
    Will you be taking the trim off of the fenders? I'm in need of some measurements on the spacing of the holes...
    Sure, I can do it for you. But on vacation now but next week on Wednesday.
    Good Afternoon/Evening Sir,
    Had a questions about how many 65 Dodge Dart GT Convertible were made? This is the VIN # 2455152304. Any information you can provide would be much appreciated.

    I don't know my way around this site very well, but I understand you have some pictures of what I may be looking for...the A/C system...both engine compartment & interior...for a 1966 Barracuda. I just bought the car (in pieces) it originally had A/C, but it's long gone now. Thanks!
    I'll get a bunch of pictures tomorrow for you.
    My one contact got back with me on this -- 09044 was :
    Vandenberg Motors, Inc
    1125 Alhambra Blvd
    Sacramento, Ca 95816
    We have a D/Dart web page already. Been around for many years. Alan Lewis actually owns it. He's a really nice guy. I think it's seriousviewer.com or something like that. I usually do a google search for ddart2 and there it is.
    Struck out with my second contact. His dealer code books are all in numerical order. It would take forever to find the the California dealers that you are looking for. I might have one more contact. I think his spreadsheet might be in both dealer and state formats.
    Thanks! Should we make a ddart and Dartcharger webpage?
    Just sent my other dealer code contact an email. We'll see if he has time to look them up for us. His wife has been sick for a long time and he's been looking after her.
    Do you have any info on dealer code 09044? A guy has a 65 Formula S Cuda that he's trying to find info on.
    Good news. I will check my list of dealers tomorrow and get back to you.
    I reached out to a guy at Chrysler to see if he can supply us/you with the 3 Cali dealer info. If he can't come up with the info, I have a contact in Florida that has dealer info that might be able to help. Alan Hvizdos
    Thank you so much Alan! I have some other dealer codes that sold the Dart Chargers. But they are only in California. Let me know if you need them for your searching!
    Hello 65dartcharger! I have a 65 dodge dart with the charger badges that came with a white racing stripe purchased new in October of 1965 from Berry Dodge in Oxnard, California. VIN L455115706. I still have the original 65 pink slip with both my name and my dad's name on it as I was only 18 at the time. I was wondering if it is listed in your registry?
    Hi! I didn't see this message unril today. I'm so sorry. I would love to include it in the registry. I need a readable fendertag so I can see what options and what day it was assembled. So if you could provide me with that info would be great. Ulf
    Hi there! I'm still interested in getting your car into the register and get a readable picture of the fendertag.

    Hope to hear from you soon. Then you will get our newsletter too.
    hej Ulf jag söker begagnade headers till en 66 dart och undrar om du har ett par att sälja?
    Hej! Tyvärr inte nu. Har just köpt till min 65 Dart. Ska över i sommar och då kan jag hjälpa dig.
    alex näslund
    alex näslund
    jag söker iaf begagnade då jag tycker nya är alldeles för dyra men du kan ju höra av dig iall du dyker på något.
    Hej Ulf,
    Jag heter Frank och min vän RussPernell berättade mig att kanske du behöver hjälp att hitta bildelar i Kalifornien. Nu jag bo i Norrland men tidigare har jag bottoch var född i Kalifornien. Om det finns nog jag kan hjälp medskriva min annars kan jag kanske ringa dig. Mvh Frank
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