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  • Hi From Australia
    Do you still have that video on rebuilding 904/727
    my email is peakalarms@outlook.com.au
    cheers Pete
    Hey 79 aarcuda! I have read where you like to use the victor 340 intake. I want to use one on my stock stroke 360 with x heads and 292/508 cam. Will it do good on the street? Also a 9.5" FTI 3400-3600 stall converter. Rear gears are 3.91's. Car is a dart sport.
    I would also like I copy of that 727 rebuild video if it wouldn't be too much trouble. breynolds@nelsonvilletv.com thank you very much in advance good sir.
    Good evening, would it be possible to get a copy of the 727 atsg video. I plan on rebuilding mine soon for the first time and would like it for reference. I have ordered the manual as well but you can never have to much info. Thank you for your time. Christopher,,,cbking@comcast.net
    On your Fitech FCC, what method of payment would you like? Paypal, personal check, bank check, cash
    money order or paypal is ok ...just sent as gift..

    aarcuda@cox.net is email address

    702 249 7561
    Tony Jon here .back surgery went good . I was pissn around with my motor today and noticed my roller rockers are almost falling off the exhaust side of the valves , I mean barley on they are RHS 340 X HEADS 2 years waisted with them and lotta cash on asprin for the dam head aches going to throw them and don't watch where they land . no wondericould never get set up right . you know any thing about RHS , other than junk ? should I waist time shimming or just get new eddies ? Some where I read indy and hughes were making the only rockers that fit these heads should I get old brodex or a new eddies ?? any thoughts appriciated from experience thanks Tony yah was going to call MRL and brian tommoro also. I always thought some thing wasn't right in that valve train
    tony need to know if there is a freferancein gasket rebuild kits you use felpro or federal mogal kb 107+.030 on the way with stock crank all good sir rods what cam you using i was gettn a 228-4 tci 3200 stall is that to low u think?? thanx 391 s.g.
    I just want to thank you for being hlpful and answering tech posts !!! You truly make the mopar world a better place !!! Thanks again !!
    the 71 dart had wheel tubs on it...stock frame rails...ladder bar and coil over springs..also the rear end has been narrowed 2 inches on each side...

    the slick are 10 x 29 Hoosiers...but i can get larger slicks on it...i am currently using 15 x 8 rims with 4.5 back spacing....i have used 15x 10 with 5.5 back spacing also
    Well I was refered to you by another member. I am in serious need of schooling on slick size vs wheel size on my 72 dart back half project. He says that you da man lol
    I'm just wondering if you plan to keep 'em on the car ; and if not , perhaps you should offer 'em for sale , as they're coveted by people (like me) who can't stand the ugly plates that California's had for 20+ years now .

    Personally , I've no use for them at this point . I just would hate to see them turned-in to the DMV , only to be destroyed .
    I like your FY1 '73 Duster 340 !
    I'm wondering if you're planning to keep those original Ca plates ; and if not , would you want to part with 'em ?
    Hi Tony,

    I was wondering if I could ask a favour, im trying to contact a seller on Yellow Bullet but cant register coz of Monty locking it all down. Wopuld you be able contact LS694U so I can email him about some Jesel rockers he has for sale.

    My direct email is djskeet@tpg.com.au

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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