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  • You take your kids to a crappy zoo on the side of the road. It has one animal, a dog. What kind was it?

    What do you call a vertically challenged person, whom escaped from prison, that can commune with the dead?
    Hey Mike its joe from WV, I've been gone awhile ,its a long story, but the ole woman left me 2 months behind on the bills ! I got to sell this rear. Did you happen to see it ? Thought You Could help. Joe
    hey 78kitcar
    how it going?? how your dart coming would love to see some pics of the old girl. really send me some pic of it . PLEASE.............. got my motor almost ready to go back together after the shop had it for 7 mouths and a bill of $750 buck... got all new parts RHS Indyx's heads, cam, crank ,rockers kit. headers . rods ,pistons still have my dart. but i think no i know i am going to put my motor in my sons Dakota. my motor is a 416 storker. i will post some pics today.

    later Larry
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