born in 1953, married in 77, baptized in 94
3 kids, 6grandkids, looks like that will be all.
Bible Study and comparing notes with fellow-believers, are my favorite things to do. The end of the Age is coming upon us. Get right with YHWH/(Yahuwha); not LORD, not Yowhay/yawhey/whatever-whey , and not ancient one; or prepare to lose your soul forever. We live in an Enclosed Earth System, God says so; the dirt/water of which is nominally flat; and you-personally, cannot prove otherwise. Wake up!
Jun 11, 1953 (Age: 69)
South-Central Manitoba,Canada, 900ftelevation
What Mopar(s) do you own?
68 Barracuda clone of an S model
mechanic;mostly powersports now,semi-retired, and sorta retired at end of 2022.


To the Believers/Called/Elect/Chosen, here is how to escape the coming "hour of Temptation"; 1) Come out of Babylon, 2) return to "the WAY" as at the First, 3) be ready to flee when your call comes. To the Christians; additionally, Remember God's Seventh Day Sabbath Commandment. for Healing go to John 14:10 to 15; use the Son's HEBREW name