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  • AUMT 1416 Auto Suspension and Steering A, AUMT 1419 Engine Repair A, AUMT 2421 Auto Elec Diagnosis and Repair A
    AUMT 1201 Intro & Theory of Auto Tech A AUMT 1407 Automotive Electrical Systems C AUMT 1410 Automotive Brakes A
    HIST 1301 United States History 1 A, HIST 1302 United States History II A, PHIL 1301 Philosophy A, 1301 Sociology A, ART 1301 Art A
    Fa20 SPCH 1315 Public Speaking B,Sp21 SPAN 1412 Elementary Spanish II B,Fa21 MATH 1314 College Algebra A
    GOVT 2306 Texas Government B,Fa20 GEOG 1301 Physical Geography A,Fa20 SPAN 1411 Elementary Spanish I B
    Sp21 HIST 2322 World Civilizations II A,Sp20 ENGL 1302 Composition II A,GOVT 2305 Federal Government B
    Fall19 ENGL 1301 Fresh Comp A, Spring21 GEOL 1301 Earth Sciences Lecture I A, Sp21 ECON 1301 Introduction to Economics A
    40 hours of College completed in 2020, 3.71 GPA. Paid off 2 debts, Divorce has been financially liberating. Child & Exwife recovering Cov-19
    Work on 76 Dodge Aspen & 68 Impala 396 Wagon has stalled, am cleaning the garage. Saved up & Got BBM & BBC aluminum heads-Speedmaster BLkFri
    6Dec2020 I just got burglarized again. Guy came into my garage during the daytime, waited hiding for 5+ hours.
    We talked, I shut the door on this face, locked dead bolt. He eventually kicked in the door and kinda chased me out of my house.
    I opened the inside house door to the garage to throw some dirty laundry in front of the washer, there he was, pointing my own shotgun at me
    6Dec2020 I just got burglarized again. Guy came into my garage during the daytime, waited hiding for 5+ hours.
    I live on the north side. I have a lot of friends in somerset. M Shelton billy Adams Kenny Kerr
    Hey! How’s things? Between the super heat and super egos, your wracking up experience/man points like mad!
    Just don’t get mad or go mad!
    Changing a lift pump on a Cummins powered Ford F800 dump truck, in 102 degree heat. 1 unwanted check on my man card. Not so woohoo.
    Have been driving a dump truck, fixing and operating a mobile Grove RT 58C crane. 2 checks on my man card. Woohoo!
    Her husband had been petting the goats my aunt had-my response (without missing a beat) "Goat herpes." She laughed, his jaw dropped.
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