• Steve - spring fling 2021?
    Unfortunately we will not have a Spring show this year.

    LA parks are not open and other locations that are close enough to manage are not open either or cannot commit in these uncertain times.

    We are still hoping for a Fall Fling of some sort if governments will allow it.

    Check our social media and website for later show announcements.

    CPW Club
    I noticed you have a 416 with the same Comp cam I plan to run, and I have a few questions. What carburetor are you running? What did you do or change for it to like your cam? What initial timing do you run? What vacuum does it pull in neutral and in gear? How far out are your idle mixture screws? How much are your secondary throttle blades open?
    I’m using pump 91 California blend gas
    9.7:1 compression using measured results from cc’ing heads
    31 deg total timing. Started at 33 be will ping on 95 degree day up steep mountain pass.
    Forgot initial timing but over 10 degrees
    12-14” vacuum
    750 BG Silver Claw carb that people have got similar tested flow as Holley 850 with milled choke horn. That carb supported a 440 that ran 11’s before I got it. It’s probably too much carb honestly. And might contribute to my tip-in issues.
    A Quick Fuel 650 is probably a better choice.
    78 front jets
    86 Rear jets
    23 front shooter
    35 rear shooter
    Throttle plates set so transfer slot is square then tuned some. It’s temperamental with tip in on mid-light acceleration just cruising around. I went from a 25 to a 23 shooter and that helped too.
    Hey Autoxcuda, I will be going racing with my 67 Barracuda. I was hoping to ask you a few questions as I setup my car.
    you still have the "direct connection performance timer" instructions , l picked one up off flea bay for cheap // MOPAR TO YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I saw a thread regarding an ET Timer #P4349443. I've used mine for 30+ years now and was able to program it using trial and error because it had no instructions. Is there any chance you still own the instruction booklet and could you send a copy? I could compensate you for your effort.
    Thanks, Eric
    Give me your email and I'll take pictures of instructions.
    Eric Story
    Thank you. Email is story.eric@comcast.net
    Eric Story
    I tried twice to send the address, my comment was deleted the first time and the address was omitted the second time, I'm at a loss here. Just edited the first response, hope it sticks
    I was told that you use a road race pan, I was wondering what to use as a windage tray or scraper. 360 with a 4 inch crank. Thanks Webby.
    Hey AutoXcuda, what happened to Pro Touring Mopar site? Thanks and see you are Fall Fling!
    I dunno. I been trying to go there today to get my list of my motor specs to copy and share in a post
    Hi my is Martin - I have a 69 DART GT 383 I just restored I am interested in any local LA based car shows or mopar/dodge car clubs . Please let me know info on them Id love to come to an event. email is martinawood1@yahoo.com
    Hi autoxcuda. Saw that you left a post under FOR SALE forum for my 65 cuda. But for some reason the post not showing. Can you PM? Thanks in advance!
    Hey Steve, this is Dave Therasse. I am trying to sell my Dart. Can you check it out and let me know if my price is fair?
    Hey Steve!! How are you? Things here are cool, the Mopar is back on the road!

    But I feel something is wrong. I did install off set Moog bushing on UCA. Here is the thing, the driver side I get 8,5°, but on the passenger side, only 3,75. To equal one side to another, I put the front excentric back, allmost all of it, as have only 4°. Didn´t do the camber or toe yet.

    It´s possible that my have no structural alignament?

    Please anwser back!

    See Ya

    Hey man I'm bolting on the hotchkis tvs on my 68 barracuda , did u have to make any mods to hotchkis stuff ? Like for example the shackles from the hotchkis kit didn't fit I had too leave the stock ones and switch the bushings ...

    Also the rear sway bar frame brackets didn't go on flat on the frame they were at an angle...

    Did u also have trouble bolting on the front sway bar ?
    Hi Steve


    I will order the off set bushing and other things to start working in the car.
    Hey man! What´s your name?

    Thanks a lot for the tips! Well Iam thinking about to use .5 degree on camber. I want to make a question: this more caster have any bad efect on the part or unibody? Or just make the steering harder?

    Thanks and hope we mantaing contact.
    Hello Autoxcuda!

    I saw a thread that you are talking about caster and camber. Iam rebuilding my front suspension and want to put more caster on it for a better handling. I use the carabout three days a week, never do paralell parking and have power steering. My car use the same suspension of american 68 Dart. What do you suggest for aligment?

    I will order the moog off set. For caster of 5 or 6 need adjustable strut rod?

    Thanks for all information that a learn from you.

    Andre From Brazil
    No. Not original color. It was originally Dark Red (Maroon) RR1 with Maroon interior with white seats and door panels
    Is that the factory color on your Barracuda? That Copper color? My brothers '67 was originally that color and he hates it. I think it's awesome. You don't see many.
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