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  • I'm looking for a header seal retainer. I know you where looking for one some years back . Did you ever find one or a reproduction if so where can I locate one
    Hello, looking for 69 barracuda tail panel mounting hardware, any help/price ?
    Hi Ron Reagle here looking to the red square inner tail light lenses for my 68 Barracuda. Got a pair ? Let me know Thanks
    Hi Eddie,

    How ya doing? Do you happen to have either a 383-S or 340-S chrome hood inserts?

    I do not
    Always looking
    If I get some
    I will let you know
    We are good
    Hope you guys are
    Hey cuda kid. I'm looking for reverse light electrical housing. I have the lenses and chrome bezels. Lmk if you have any. Thanks timmer1219
    Eddie I would appreciate if you would let me know what’s going on with the Kframe if you still have it I’m willing to complete the deal if you sold it out from under me after I sent you a deposit I would like my deposit back I’m looking forward to hearing from you before I start a thread about being ripped off you can send the deposit to
    Rob Mills
    319 White Pine Dr.
    Middletown, DE 19709
    Call me 302-252-5896
    Is your 69 still for sale? Is it a true 340 4sp car? Is the body in finished paint? Do you have all parts to assemble the car?
    Hi I'm looking for console, shifter, brackets, rods, everything for floor shift, l have buckets & colum.
    Eddie...saw a post from you on another thread...you said: "i have a nice pair of white convertible visors" ...you still got these? what year? looking for 67 pearl white, I believe is the name...lemme kno...mark
    Hello I am looking for park brake struts for my 64 Valiant with 9 " hub. Believe these work on some 60 's Valiants and Barracudas
    Hello Baracudakid, looking for a 1967 Hood in good condition, hopefully you have one ready to ship, I can reuse the inserts from mine if need be. Thanks
    Hi Barracudakid, I'm on the hunt for a 1969 Barracuda driver's side fender. Thought I'd check in and see if you have any on. I understand the '67/'68 may also work though you will know better than me!
    got a 69 vert cuda, with 67-8 notchback doors & glass...is there hope for getting the correct glass (67-8) to mate up with the orig 69 rear glass? I am not sure of interchange capabilities & have read that all three years are unique?!?
    Hi, I received the header panel you sent me and it is in better shape than what I saw in the pictures.

    Thank you Zcuda68
    Glad you are satisfied
    I thought it was very good
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