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  • Bill, if you ever get up to the Grants Pass area in southern Oregon, I live somewhat rurally yet within 30 seconds of the off ramp exit 58 of I-5... My cell is 541 660 1092... Joey Madden
    So...I ended up getting a 1970 /6 and 904 tranny for 200 bucks...drove 2 and 1/2 miles past forever to get it. I'm gonna try with all my might to keep the original tranny and get the adapter ring from Charrlie (as you recommended). Thank you for all the valuable information. It's already saved my tranny from self-destruction ;) I'll be poring over the rest as I go through it.

    All the best,
    Thanks a lot for the advice on my master cylinder, Bill. It was a big help. I live near Placerville. If you ever get up in this area, feel free to call and come by. (530) 295-0350. Another Bill
    Hi Bill--just joined the site, and when I was reading posts I saw that you have a 64 Dart Convertible. That's what I just bought--GT Convertible with the 225/4spd. Do you mind if I hit you up with some questions from time to time? I'm just getting started working on mine--it's in pretty nice shape--but figured I might have some questions for someone who already has one.

    Hi Bill,
    I was able to do bench testing of the electronic advance distributor, it works well. Then I got sidetracked by some contract work related to to diesel injection controls at a couple customer sites. One of my projects was a timing signal converter where I convert a 120-1 tooth wheel to a 72-1 tooth wheel with adjustable phase offset. It is an electronic way to provide timing signals to a diesel pump by using existing optical signals on the machine that rotates the pump. The good part is what I learned, is easily applied to ignition and fuel injection. If I make a module with a small inexpensive uC, it can save resources on my EMS by making signals that directly interface. Presently I use interrupter tabs, where the leading tab width is 40 degrees, so with a base timing of 10 degrees there can be 50 degrees of total advance. The uC resolves timing advance in an accurate way, and uses predictive means for proper dwell control.
    You keep showing up in things I'm interested in. ie: TBI, EFI, ignition modifications. Presently I'm looking for a method to install a Dodge EFI on non-Magnum heads, so I can move the Pro-Jection onto my 59, D100's 383. In one of your post you mentioned look at modifying 273 heads, any luck doing so?
    Thanks for your reply on the distributor phasing question. I am writing, so I do not hijack the thread more than I already did.

    Our thinking is nearly identical on the ignition subject, we are on the same track. I would spend the time to do it if there was a simple universal way to get crank signal.

    I am older than you and retired. I have found projects are much easier, now than any time in my life.
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