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  • I recently acquired a Dodge True Spirit truck. I'm going to restore it and need someone capable of doing the stripes and logos. I've found Little Red Express stuff, which is similar (the bodies are identical) but not the same. Is this something you can help produce? I have all of the pieces and they're in decent shape, so I can take any measurements and pictures you might need.
    I have a 68 Barracuda notch back with white vinyl roof and would like the factory white side stripes. Can you help?
    Hello trying to reach challengergary his inbox is full. Checking to see if he still makes and sells swinger tail strip kit to paint on the stripe? Thanks Gene
    Gary I want to get in touch with you about doing a strike for me see if it can be done if you need my phone number please text me thank you
    Do you still make and sale striping ??? Need the 340 wedge hood decal with the wedge in red
    Hello, I would like to get a new set of stripes for the Barracuda. I tried to start a conversation but your inbox is full.
    Hello, I hope all is well. I am asking if you still make the custom half-circle air cleaner decals? I am looking for a "408 Fuel Injected 408" air cleaner decal in the standard size and in all the standard Mopar colors that the 360, 318 decals are made of. If this is something you can make that would be great, I would like two of them. Thank you. Jeremy
    Hope your feeling well...Sent a PM but my box was full.. looking for 408 stroker for hood and need rear strip for 70 dart.. thanks Dave
    Gary I’m in need of some stripes for my Demon do you still sell these
    Yes, I do. However, I am probably not going to be in my shop for the next several days. Had a heart attack yesterday and am waiting to be released from the hospital. Then, I am not supposed to work for several days.
    Stripes done
    Hey gary, Im interested in matte black Twister side graphics for my '75 duster, do you have any examples? Thanks
    Hey Gary! interested in some of your product! Was wondering if you make a "Twisted" version of the Duster Twister decal? Thanks much. Brian Kaplan
    Hey Gary, looking for some 72 340 side stripes; are you still selling these? If so, what it would be for the 72 340 duster side stripes in matte black? Thanks
    Hi Gary, I am looking to paint the stripes on my A57 69 CUDA would you have measurements or stencil thanks Mark
    Demon is moving along. Just got all new gaskets for firewall etc to install. I won't get it done before I have to leave. What motor do you want...408 stroker or 400 stroker? Lol
    Hi, What fitting should I get for my 26" Champion Rad? I see some saying a 5/16th inverted flare. Where can I get them? I have brand new tranny cooling lines ready to mount on.

    Gary: I am looking to buy a strip kit for my 71 Demon, can you PM me with your contact information please.
    Gary I bought a strobe stripe from you for my 70 duster and it looks great. Now can I get the same stripe for a 67 Barracuda notch?
    Yes, I can do that. Cost is $85.99 + $8.95 shipping. Do you want me to send a PP invoice? If so, to what email address?
    Hey Gary, Do you make the rear stripes for 73 dart swingers? If so, what would the price be for a set of matte black?
    Hey Gary, I bought a champion radiator for my 69 dart and love it. Now I need a price for one for my 66 Charger. It's a 440 with a/c. Which would you recommend?
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