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  • Hello What is the status on the door handle cups? I'll take them today if they haven't sold. I pay with paypal if thats ok. Old school
    Hey bud on the headers first come first serve I just landed myself off eBay slant six with 29k miles on it be here next week the one I got needs bottom end rebuilt oh yea did I mention the tranny came with same miles so cool!
    Well Herb's intake was from a 70-something with an electric choke and a thermoquad set up. I'd love to get some info so I can check out your brother's intake. You can get a hold of me or my dad at the home number which, I'll PM you.
    Yeah, still going, hopefully I can get back to the garage before the rain gets too heavy, Still need that window issue fixed.
    Hi the 70 dart front clip is on a 75 valiant so I doubt it will do you any good. Let me know what you are looking for. Bill
    Hi Don
    Thanks for the notes on the Rimblow. Mine has a woodgrain wheel....blackplastic back....three aluminum spokes....alan center cover (missing)... my fender tag doesn't list "Rimblow Option S83 Nor Woodgrain Wheel S81.
    It seems to fit your general description.
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