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  • Hi if you can shoot me pics of the Comp cam Xe274 I would appreciate it , 604-727-6306 .my name is Dave almost finished my build just missing cam , lifters and springs
    Hello, I KNOW this was covered but I still just am a bit clueless. I'm looking for a good 15x7 and 15x8 combo for my 68 convertible cuda. I currently have 6 leaf springs in the back and it sits WAY too high but that is going to change. I'm thinking 255/60 15 and 225/60/15, does that SOUND about right??
    Hi, just a quick note to say thanks, but no thanks. I bought a set with the retainers and keepers for $100 in Milton on Saturday and thought I should at least let you know. Thx anyways. Ian
    Hey Craig, Just a shoult out to say Hi and how have you been. How's the Cuda coming along? Anything new planned for this year? I tore the front buckets out of the duster and had the bench seat recovered. I didn't put it back in because I got a better rally dash (mine was all cut out like so many were for an aftermarket radio) so I took out the new ones bought and put on defroster hoses and have had a 4 spd rev. light for the dash for 2 or 3 years. I'll need to drill a hole in the dash and run the wiring for it and also try and see if the thumbwheel radio I have will work. I think it was from a 68 Roadrunner. I may have to do some fabricating lol. I hope to hell I remember how to get it back together.
    Looks like all this stuff is the same as my 1970 dart swinger stuff.Peter
    Are you going to the international centre auction this weekend?
    Hey Craig, Do you know what spots you are getting at Carlisle yet? What are some of the parts you are taking and did you find the other two wheel covers or recondition the ones I sent you?
    Hey bud its Bruce ,I bought the rally harness from you,looking now for a driver side front bucket seat 70-71 with the hard shell on the back,got any ideas where I might be able to find one of them??? Oh I did buy that rally dash you told me about on Kijiji,thanks
    Craig, I haven't been on this site since months ago & just saw your message.
    I hope your cuda purchase turned out ok & it was the real deal. Let me know
    if I can help & I can also give you Dave Wise's # as he's a nationally known
    Mopar judge. I think his website is
    Hi Graig:
    It was nice to meet you yesterday, That little orange box sure made it a small world.
    Thanks for coming back to say Hi, and thank you for those kind words.

    Howdy, Craig!

    I would take the 4 speed shifter ball and the glove box trim. Any other parts? I am looking for a set of 4 speed shifter rods, rallye dash with a/c, frame and maybe some other pieces for a basket case Demon... Let me know how to get payment to you... Thanks!

    Rice Lake, WI
    Hey Craig,
    If you would hook that clock to a battery and let it run a while, and spend another 20 for the adjust cable you probably would sell it faster.
    Just trying to help
    Good luck, Ben
    Craig, Hope i didnt offend. Anyway checking to see if you still want those items.......You can have them....Pay for shipping....Let me know Edd...again sorry about the reply. Didnt mean the way it looked. Edd
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