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  • Thanks for the pics of the positive battery cable routing and clamping straps. They were exactly what I needed to route cable. I had the 2 straps and did not have a clue where they went. Many thanks.
    thank you Mark, got it today ,and it is exactly the one I needed, I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH.. WOO WHOOO
    HI Mark, have you sent the ps pump cap yet? you should have the money, i sent it by PayPal. apparently they were updating their server software on here ,so I haven't been able to get on here, and all of our messages are gone so if you told me you sent it I didn't get the message lol. anyways let me know when you sent it please , thanx again i'm so glad you had one
    Hi thanks for responding to my wanted ad for 340 manifold. What do you want for the 3614368? Shipping might be killer as I am in S Florida. Thanks, Garrett
    $150 plus the ride would work for me. Not sure on the shipping cost until I boxed it and weighed it. Probably around $50 to go across country.
    Thanks, I have a few feelers out locally if I cant find, I'll be back in touch.
    Mark. I’m having problems sending a message or picture to you. Reply doesn’t offer a place to reply. I’m not familiar with how this works.
    Just saw a post where you no doubt no your stuff about Valiants/Darts etc. ? I have a 64 Valiant Wagon. Does a 63 fender fit a 64 Valiant ? Exact, similar enough ?? Thanks
    Cudamark i have a 66 barracuda and im new to them....and was trying to decode my vin tag on fender and vin on car..has hurst equipped emblem on trunk pan and a formula s emblem on both front fenders and a v-eight emblem on door... But car has a torque flight in it....just trying to see what i got
    ABC. R
    315. 1
    SO number
    Vin of car bp29d62637631
    Hello. I have a bit of an odd request. Ran across an old post from 5ish yrs ago where you had commented about having an old set of 66 Belle gas cap/ rt quarter Plymouth emblems. You remarked that they had some pitting, not an issue as I need them for a 4 dr driver of mine. If you still have them I'd be interested. Thanks
    hello, I have a question about the spitfire headers you installed on you 66 Barracuda. Does you car have power steering? How much of an issue do you think that would be

    Ok, one more. Did these headers improve the sound of the car and any noticeable performance gain



    PS sweet car

    I was reviewing a posting from a long time ago where you responded to an Australian guy looking at a 66 Barracuda. I recently bought a 66 Barracuda with a Commando engine. It's a very early model that still has the old badge on the back window...not sure what they call it, but it's the one without the fish (like your avatar!). Mine has 6 leaf springs on one side and 5 on the other. Do you know if that would have been factory? It was sold to me as a formula S, but it doesn't have the sway bar or the tach. I'm now reading that the formula S package had both a tach and a sway bar. Could it have been an early formula S? Unfortunately, the fender tag is not on the car. I love the car and it runs like a raped ape, I'm just trying to learn more about it. Thanks!
    Hi Justin,
    No. I don't have those parts anymore and have closed the wrecking yard. I sold many of those types of parts to a guy named Paul. If the parts you need are among them, he might have them for sale. Give him a call at 619-206-2500 and tell him I told you to call. Good Luck!
    Thanks, Mark
    I'm looking for body parts for a 65 valiant 2 door. Got any of those in your yard? I Need a right door, and right front fender. Thanks.
    hi i was wondering do you have any spindle bolts that hook the brake up on the spindle. its for a 68 barracuda.
    Probably, but I don't have any time right now to look or ship. If you're in the area and have a sample, stop by and I'll see what I can find. Thanks, Mark
    Just got the items purchased today- I gotta say you hit it right ON. Again exactly what I needed and your prices are more than fair. SHIPPING WAS FAST--- thanks

    Thank you again - for the HELP
    Looking for parts for a 92 sundance. If possible I need the left rear lower coil spring support. If I have to I would buy the whole axle. Let me know what you have if anything. I purchased a rear hub from you last summer for a 90 acclaim.
    Howdy Mark,

    I do need the proper throttle cable for my 225 six banger/automatic setup. I would prefer however to get a supersix setup if you have one. I'm up north here near Sacramento, used to be stationed there at MCRD years ago. Do let me know what you have.


    Hey Mark,
    I need a hood hindge for the drivers side of my 74 swinger. Orange if you got it but mines tweaked and I'm taking it in for body work at the end of next week. Let me know.
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