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  • I'm viewing a glamor shot of your 67 Barracuda, sharp! I'm beginning a restoration of a 67 fastback. I like the look and size of the rear tires. What size/brand? Did you have to mini tub to fit, thx Jeff
    LOL...A model here on the islands...Karen. Korean, local mix. Great winning attitude! Wife wasn't too pleased though....
    Hey cudaspaz, mullinax95 said I should check out your Cuda, I like his so much. But I don't see you have a photo gallery?
    Anyway, Howdy and here's the beer.
    oh that my GF she's the owner of the dart... i think the pic is too small. i need to fix it.
    hey cudaspaz, sorry for the delay, I just got your package to the post office today. Should be on its way tomorrow. sorry again, tom
    spaz, that video on your posts is causing my computer to lock up every time I go to a post that it is on.
    The cash is not the problem,the problem is the value of the item and if its a good deal.I can right a cheque for 10-20 grand or more for cars,hemis,etc,the problem is paying 20 grand for a 3 grand item,thats a bit of a issue in any deal I do.Which item are we taking about,mrmopartech
    I forgot to mention that I have a second strike ignition box hooked up also, prior to the engine swap evreything works liked a gem. I posted this question on the forum ignition section if you need more info.

    Hey buddy I need some help from you, if you dont mind. I am having trouble with my coil, in short I have a little over 12 volts going to both side of the coil even when there is no wires conected to the neg side there is still over 12 volts going there. Does that mean I have a bad coil what whould couse this. Feel free to call me or P.M. me 912-288-6542


    Thanks!! Is your car mini tubbed, if not what size tires and rim offset are you running??
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