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  • I'm sorry but I forgot my password and finally redid it today. All of the air cleaners I had are gone. Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.
    So what would you want for a set of those 920 heads with shipping to 51248, and what do you figure that it'll cost me to get them ready to bolt on?
    Looking for front seat belts for my 71 dodge dart swinger with bench seats. Dark green and with connection for shoulder belt. Please let me know availability, cost and shipping times. Thx
    Good morning, Yes that was me. I did not sell the nose cone, I put $1,200 on just to see what happened. It got a ton of attention but did not sell. I was going to post it on the sight this week for $ 950, Let me know if you are interested and I'll send pic's.
    Thanks Mike
    Thanks for the pictures... As usual, I Forgot to take pictures ... Get so wrapped up talking/looking !!! Again, Thank You Very Much!!! ⚓
    oops just noticed there is no oil pressure gauge. I will take a gas gauge and a amp gauge then. Do you know where I can get a oil pressure gauge ?
    i have a 68 dart convertible, and the rear belts are out of the car,,but it seems like theres some weird kind of shoulder harness/belt,,is that also something you can make? i would prefer to have my set of belts refurbished/webbed and date coded with oem webbing,,what would be a general estimate? thx in advance,,your work looks awesome
    Sorry I didn't get back with you sooner about the the light blue seat belts for the 67 Barracuda with bucket seats. I tried to PM I'm still trying to get used to the new site lol. But yes you said I would probably need B5 blue
    Well let me know when you'd like to order a set
    What A-Body are you driving?
    I have seen a few around Yak but not many.
    Hi dart4forte-

    I'd like to make a deal for those 1964 Dart tail lights. Are they available?

    Posted on your build thread. Your cars birthday is exactly the same as my GTS. I thought that was pretty rare.
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