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  • Hello,
    I noticed on a steering wheel for sale post where you mentioned having a deluxe plymouth steering wheel.
    I'm looking for one and was wondering if I could see pictures of it and how much you'd want for it.

    Thanks, George
    Hi I got your message and was going to text you but I went back and your message was gone so here is my number 727-798-8489
    Sorry it's sold, the message did not come in my inbox? Guess I need to mark it sold, I thought I did that.
    Hey Dartman sorry it took so long to get back to you. the holes were filled by welding the holes shut I believe with a piece for backing than a fillet type weld. let me know how interested in the car you might or might not be, I started filling out the details for ebay to put her up for sale. hope all is well with you
    Dartman was wondering if you got my message this morning? Do i understand ur in Antioch? I'm over in San Rafael. Would like to catch up and miss my scat pak buddies who have either moved away or moved on and lost the fever i like to call moparitis
    Hi dart man greg. hows it going. I would like to buy your rear finish panel. I don't know if you got my email or not but i really would like it. my address for delivery is690 wilmot st coquitlam b.c. canada. Is a money order or a bank note alright ?
    Greg, thanks again for your help with the clips I contacted metro today unfortunately they are out of stock for about a month. Thanks again, Roger.
    I recently saw an old post of yours about the 69' barracuda finish panel and you had mentioned getting new clips for the finish panel at a place called metro for $65,could you tell me how to get in touch with them I am interested in buying some for my panel. Thanks for your help, Roger.
    have any more photo's of ur Dart engine bay I only see that one avatar looks something like mines ..
    Hi Noel,

    My memory is not the best. 47th Ave in what city?
    I do like talking about Mopars :)

    I am in the SF Bay Area. I have lived in Livermore, Pleasanton, San Ramon, Vallejo, Martinez the longest, and now out in Antioch with my girlfriend.

    Hows it going Dartman. I have not met you but we have spoken on the phone once and you chatted with my wife Mary about a 69 Dart I had. I live over off 47 ave. This was about 5 years ago.
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