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  • This is too crazy....2 cars that are very similar and now our jobs. I work at Smithfield State Correctional Institution as a Drug and Alcohol Specialist. I over see a 56 man Therapeutic Community. I left the private sectorit was a good move for me.
    You mean my Scamp? lol. I used XHD leaf springs I bought through Mancini racing for $230/pr. and new KYB shocks all the way around. The rear wheels are 14x7 repro ralleys from Summit and tires are BFG 245/60R14's. Later I can email you some pics.
    Send me a PM with your email address!
    Thanks again for the nice windshield. Just got it home and put it in the trunk to do later. Still want those rear bumper bumpers. Next time you are up this way or Im down that way......Also- remember me with that 4 speed if you ever decide to part with it.
    Hi i would be interested in the whole k frame with discs brakes if i could get a price to ship to 46635 thx
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