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    Anyone interested in Denver, CO get together?

    In years past, we've had a few meetings at a park or restaurant just to get to know one another. Anyone interested in doing again?
    Hey Mike, I've had you on my mind for a few days now. Just wondering how your doing. As for me, my shoulder surgery never did turn out, so I still have a lot of pain. Please let me know how you and your wife are doing.
    Best Regards
    Hi Mike. I had my Barracuda for many years in the Denver area. I had a fellow named Tony at MoPower Masters who helped me with it a lot. He was down on Evans near Federal. Good luck on your Barracuda. I will look to see if you have a gallery. Please view my gallery-- I think you looked at my thread on Build Sheets recently. FischFace
    Mike, I'm sorry to hear about your wife. I hope she's doing better now. I know what you’re going through my wife was sick for a long time and she's doing a lot better now. I hope you’re doing ok. It sounds like you have a nice Barracuda there. I’ll have to give you a call some time so we could talk Mopar. In the meantime, Best of luck to the both of you..
    Hi Denver Mike. I keep my car company as much as I can but thanks for the offer. Will have to post some picks before I pull the engine out to redo the engine bay.
    Headers will be too much to package and ship. Could buy new from summit for price it will cost plus shipping and packaging.
    i'm sorry dude, i saw this a couple of days ago and forgot to call, it's late so i'll make sure i call u tomorrow.........
    Hey Denvermike, just checkin up and seein how you're doing. Have had you on my mind off and on the last few weeks. Hope all is well!
    Mike, I'm glad you got the V/C's. I bet They'll look great when you get done. The payment went through and right back out toward My son's Lionel Train collection. It was a pleasure....
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