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  • Howdy Mr. DD2, I am another interested person in need of a rear disc brake conv for 489 3.23 sbp 8.75- a body 1971. I can supply email via message if that works for you. Thank for your time and a happy holidayz ;)
    I have a 68 barracuda with half tubs, MP spring relocation kit installed and a flat trunk floor. I have a fuel cell in the trunk now but want to hang a tank with a fuel pump where the stock tank was.
    Are you into making another tank? I would like to keep the stock fill pipe and flip open gas cap.
    good morning DD2. I would like to get some of your 8 3/4 disc conv. brackets. I am at 98133. How much do you charge? PayPal? email?

    Hi, I was wondering if you are still making the brackets? I’d like to get another set off you. Let me know....
    Hey, first off. I want to thank you for your awesome thread on the mustang disk brake conversion. I too am doing this on my charger. I have the spacer plates made. I used 11 gauge which is the same thickness of the drum backing plate. I was wondering if all 8 3/4 rearends have the same spacing from housing to flange. If so, could you tell me what thickness and what type of stock you used for the brackets?

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