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  • Nice Ride, working on one myself. Hard as all get out trying to find the little odd & end piece's it needs. I went way off factory standards (against my wife's wishes)...
    Hi Dave, Yeah, I bought the woodgrain wheel from Eastern sales in the early '70's. Went to my first car show at Garden city shopping center in 1990 or so. The Mopar owners were flipping out because the wheel was in mint condition. They all wanted to know where I had it restored. When I told them it was an original wheel, some guys didn't believe me. Anyway I went back to the original because I didn't have the woodgrain dash or door panels to match. Put the wheel on eBay and got $642.00 for it from a guy in Kentucky who put it in a restored GTX. Now I wish I hadn't sold it. Mike
    Hello All - I am new to the A-body forum. I recently purchased a '71 plymouth duster, # matching 340, 727 auto. I am looking for a set of stock valve covers for the car. Does anyone have a set for sale? Thanks - Eric
    Hi Dave...not stalled...been working under the car
    Undercoating, brake lines, gas line, e-brake cable

    Kinda had to get a good picture looking up in a dark hole.
    Windshield is ordered and the car is due to go to the speed shop
    the week of April 12th to have the engine, tranny and gears
    installed. I got the steering column finished tonight. I'll post up
    some pics tomorrow. Been helping my nephew install the engine
    and tranny in his 4x4 GMC pickup. We had that thing scattered all over the garage. That truck was really hard to work on. We both used up every curse word we knew on that one.

    Thx Dreno, you're my first friend and I'm honored it's you. Your posts are always positive and your '67 fastback is awesome!!
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