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  • Ok, just curious as I had heard nothing from you but saw you posted later on another topic. Just let me know when to look out for it in the mail.
    Yea, if I had no p/s and a few more fabrication tools I could have made it happen. Right now I havent heard of a sucessful install in a 67-76 A body with p/s. Several other guys have mad it work with no p/s. At this point money spent wise and frig factor wise I'm not ready to give up the p/s or fab what I need to make it happen. As it turned out I put a 68-71 340 manifold on the drivers side and a big outlet Dakota (92-93 only) on the passener. I found some dyno tests that showed the flow on the Dak and 340 manifold to be almost identical. My plans are to collect pieces and do a 408 stroker in a couple of years and at that point I will buy some quality headers. How's your projects going?
    Your car looks great! By the looks of it, you decided against the Durango exhaust manifolds.
    Have a complete set of pedals from a 65 Barracuda - Paid $150.00 + shipping from Oregon and had them sandblasted. Asking $200.00 + shipping from 15089. Decided to stay with a 904 in one of my 66 Cudas. PM with an E-Mail and I'll send pics!
    Would you measure the outlet diameter and get back to me with it? Im looking for the 2 1/2 outlet manifolds that were produced 92 and 93 only.
    Thanks, Brooks
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