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    What is this

    1969 V8 3 on the tree 3 speed. That braket slips over the pin at the rear of the trans shift levers. Basically locks the shift lever so it will not start in gear.
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    I'm with K-Frame stand/dolly

    Here is one for a big block.
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    727 vibration

    360 external balance engine?
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    Getting screwed over on a payment for a parts purchase?

    Leave the guy "Bad Feedback" on your 1st ebay purchase. Tell people he is a scammer so his ebay rating goes down and people will be less likely to buy from him.
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    These damn ads have to go away!

    Advertisers are willing to pay more for highly visible ads.
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    These damn ads have to go away!

    Can tell that the site has problems with the Auto Pop Up Ads, a program designed to throw up ads randomly that uses algorithms off of your surfing habits to try to make an offer to you to get you to buy something and generate income. Maybe needs to go to the manually placed ads that are not...
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    These damn ads have to go away!

    Tell us what you are using for your online device, Computer or Phone? IPhone or Android Phone. Web Browser: Google Chrome Or Firefox? I see you are not Gold Membership, that helps to shut off the ads with Gold. Now if you choose to not go with the Gold Membership, then the ads are there...
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    Random pictures thread

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    Forum Software Upgraded

    Wondering why there is an empty white box in the center of the sign in page, every time you go to sign in? Have to X out of it at every sign in. It's like it is a box for an ad with no ad in it. It started coming up with the last rash of ads that a lot of people were getting just lately...
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    318 Motor Priming Issue

    Did you make sure the cam bearings were lined up with the oil feed ports?
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    Overheating 360 new engine

    Here is a 360 block: Here is a Felpro head gasket for a 360:
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    Hog ring plier recommendation

    The angle hog ring pliers are a lot handier than the straight handled ones. Here are the ones I use, the one on the left is my main one. Good angle of attack so your wrist can stay straight.
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    Half of block not firing

    OK For starters then I would say you have too much carb for your stock 318 setup. Get ahold of an Edelbrock 1406, they are proven to run well on the stock 318s with their stock camshafts. Beg, borrow, or steal a good known working 1406 carb and get it on there. I see you are 19 years old...