• I'm doing a big block car. Would you consider selling rolling chassis and what would be your rock bottom price for the car?
    Selling it as is stated in the post. You could probably find a /6 or 318 car for less money if you're doing a BB car.
    Hello. I could really use the Edlebrock LD4B intake. Let me know if you might consider shipping it.
    I've been wondering what happened to you, I tried emailing you a few times but never got a reply. Thought maybe you headed overseas. I'm here when I have time, but been a little busy lately.
    Craig my brother. I was roaming around here checking out the site and just had to check and see if you are still active on the site.

    Sorry if I just kinda dropped off the boards after I moved from El Paso but to the say the least the last 8 years haven't been that great. Should have stayed in El Paso with Joe and built motors. Hind sight is 20/20.

    Holler at me let me know how things are. I still have your throw out bearing in the same box if you need it or anything else I may have laying around. Hell I may even have an extra A body if you need on.

    Take care.
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