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  • I have a 65 Cuda. To replace the front suspension, K frame and all (mine is damaged) and change to disc brakes, is there a direct replacement to do this or a crossover from another vehicle that will fit? I know I can get aftermarket parts, wondering what's out there that will work. Thanks
    I believe a 72 a body unit will fit
    Hey Denny
    Wondering if you still
    Have those Duster quarter panels pieces available?
    I saw your post in another members thread

    I spoke to you this morning about the use of 9" spindles on my 67 dart .
    Thanks again for your input.
    Hey Denny,
    I would like to purchase a AC compressor bracket with the idler pulley.
    If you can send me the details I would appreciate it.
    Thanks, Bob
    Hey Denny.
    I was wondering how to progress is coming on the small block low mount AC compressor bracket.
    I sure would like to get my AC going and your bracket is just what I was looking for!
    Thanks, Bob
    i ordered a complete header and through exhaust system from him , it arrived in great shape with on issues , great member here .
    I sent you an email the other day about my 76 duster. If you have a chance to take a look at it that would be awesome. Thank you!
    Appreciate your recent posts , to the Commie..
    Have a good day , love the the thread on the Pro Stock restoration!
    I have got one of you coil over kit. I need to know what coil overs spring & shocks do I need for this kit 71 a body dart . Or do you stock them
    Thanks Larry Anderson
    I had an afterthought/brain storm on your wheels. Call me when you get a few minutes -- I didn't write down your number the other day.
    No issues what so ever

    You could buy it without the support hoops.....looks like the way the snout bars connect to the shock mount. ....they would not be needed.

    Trying to send photos to see if your abody k frame will fit my car. Let me know if photos come through to you. Thanks.



    Hello there, I would love some information on your A body suspension upgrade. I have a 68 notchback that I want to upgrade the front steering, suspension. and brakes on for street use. thank you in advance for your time.
    Dear Denny:
    We have talked some on the forum. Could you send me information about your suspension , prices, etc. One last question. Do you have a version that uses the torsion bars? Harold
    Hi ,
    I'm new to this forum .. I've got a 72 valiant charger from Australia and would like to get a price on your front end that you make with control arms ,,, the complete kit can you please give me info on how to contact you
    My email is romeo_1@bigpond.com
    hello HemiDenny,

    how can i go about getting your front end k frame set up for my '67 Plymouth Barracuda? thank you
    moving the frame rails it easiest....in my opinion. ....but if you go that far and you want to add air bags....put on a new front clip.
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