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  • You got any idea how I can get hold of AZMOPAR. He owes me a fender for a 65 dart I paid him 2 weeks ago and he wont responde. I send message after message and i get nothing. He has you as a friend on his list. Please let me know if you know where his business is and how i can call him, thx joe
    Ok it will not let me leave feed back On the push butten dash thing . So here it gos . Deal went really good thanks man would buy from you agin
    Hemitheus, First, what's your first name? Mine is really Frank(ie).

    I have a suggestion for you that might help make your posts a little more clear.

    When quoting parts of other members posts, include this:
    before the part you want to post and this: [/_quote] after the passage. I put an underscore in each of those codes so you would be able to see it, when you use them in the forum, Remove the underscore from each. The selected passage will appear in your post in a "quote box".

    Hope this helps.

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