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  • Carter Hi perf mechanical, 780 Holley, Doug's ceramic headers, ( gd deal at Autozone when they have 20% off, and free shipping).. cheers
    hey Grant what gives I tried to call you a couple of times this morning and I kept getting hung up on ?
    Good morning Grant ! looks like your friend that you helped find a Dart has joined and has posted in the welcome wagon thread
    hey I see your back , hows things ? Glenn told me your stopped in at the store hope that means your building your car eh , Theres a member here you or Chris might know called twisted318 that is starting a Mopar club of sorts here in Victoria , his name is Kory and he works at NAPA { yes another parts source LOL } he has started a website and a Facebook page t. the Facebook page is called Rusted Nutz and has a Mopar M in the logo the web site is . It would probably mean a lot to him if you stopped in and said high to introduce yourself if you don't already know each other .

    I got to thinking last night and I'm pretty sure that Chally I mentioned is a 500" stroker , so actually it is probably the best deal he could get , it already has the big block K member ,torsion bars etc... it even has the Brembro brakes and Neegro my ride big rims he's probably gonna want as well , it would be a pretty quick roll out from the bottom swap , heck he could roll the 340 front end into the donor car and put it up for 20k , it's a pretty good 20 footer in black on black , tell him 28k for the donor and we can work a split commission with the seller . Even with a healthy labour charge he still comes out way cheaper than buying all the stuff to do the swap and having an engine and trans built .
    Hey Grant are you still heading south next for October ? I might need to hire transporter from Son Jose eh !
    sounds good I cleaned out my box again , damn thing fills up so fast I can't keep up sometimes .I will try to call after supper tonight to confirm .
    hey Grant how you doing , got bigf plans for the weekend ? I was a short curly away from a 4day weekend then they transferred me to another site that is working monday and asking us to volunteer to work Tuesday at straight time . Great union I'm in eh ? give me a shout if you want to hang out or work on your car for a change lol , I think Darwin might need a little guy time too , he mentioned in another thread he was going through some stuff so maybe we could a meet up for a BS session or something .
    Yep,, very nice sunset,, tides just come in..

    Scored a 8 3/4 3:23 sure-grip, a 650 Holley, a porta-power set, and new shifter boot and ring, at the swap meet.. it was a great day,, and now the sunset.. ahhhh.
    Hey Grant I won't be able to pick up the gaskets until tomorrow morning so give me a call before you make the trip into town , It might not be ready to fire until noon or so .
    fixed the oil filter plate today , the double male had a 3/8 square passage in it so it only needed an extension and voila off it all came , turns out in California putting it together and painting over it is a suitable substitute for using a gasket because there wasn't a gasket or any sort of RTV under the plate , unfreaking believable .
    Hey Grant my wheels came Friday , I know you said you have a tire machine but do you have a wheel balancing machine as well ? I need to check these for balance and run out before I mount any rubber on them , they came with a big red label saying you mount em you own em . This going to be fun to say the least , first test rims , then figure out tire size by mounting and adding valve stems , then remove tires and valve stems to paint , then re-install everything , yee haw , do you know Billy and Don down at SOS Tires ? they're on Ellice by Bridge and hooked me up with a great used tire for the green machine . They have a ton of used tires in stock including drag radials so I figured I would stop in there when they aren`t busy and get them to throw some different tires on the rims until we find what works then I can either keep what they have or order a pair in .
    Hey Grant how you doing ? hope you and yours are enjoying the season , did you ever find some tires for the boys ? I'm trying to figure out what I can cram under the back of my car , I'll be ordering some 15" sbp rims from Summit this week probably the 15x8 with the 4.5 inch back space unless they have one with a bigger back space , I was hoping to cram some 275x60x15 's in there but it some say yes they fit and some say no , let me know what you think and where the nest place to buy would be -thanks Chris
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