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  • Hi IQ52 I am new to the forum and have a 440-9 engine that I would like to add more horsepower. What type of heads intake and carb would you suggest to get me 450+ Horsepower
    Hi IQ i bought theAR billet timing cover and cam button from Mancini, My machine shop says it doesnt fit ,i have a cloyes timing chain,can you give any suggestions on install ?
    You take your kids to a crappy zoo on the side of the road. It has one animal, a dog. What kind was it?

    What do you call a vertically challenged person, whom escaped from prison, that can commune with the dead?
    Question for you Sir,
    Reading threads here for a while, and you seem to be the guy with the info. I've got a '70 383 in my powerwagon, and from what I understand, it has compression somewhere in the 7-8:1 range. It has 906 heads, and it's a daily driver. I found a set of 906 heads for $125 that I want to port. I want to get a 906 head that's cracked/no good and practice porting so I can see how far I can go before hitting the water jackets. I don'twant to spend $ on a flew bench to see if I'm improving flow, does it make sense to just hook up a shop vac and have a sensitive vacuum gauge in some pvc in between the shop vac and port to determine if I'm making improvements in flow? More flow would be less vacuum?
    Thanks for all the info here on low compression engine set ups, super informative.
    Brandon Wiese
    From a post you made in BB tech...Seriously, great story with your Pop, and your oldest Son...pretty bad *** engine too--best wishes for continued happiness, Jim
    Hey Jim this is Jim from Stanwood. The guy who is sending you heads to be ported.
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