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  • Still got the Dart. Everyone wanted it for nothing, probably put it up for sale again, we will see what happens. I have been following your resto thread. I am impressed, to say the least. I cleaned my car up a fair bit. New windshield, touched up the stone chips, and had it professionally power polished. It has never looked so good, since I have owned it.
    Hey Jason,

    I see your Dart up for sale. It's sad to see you parting with it, it is such a nice car! Hopefully you'll still be on this site.. I don't know if you've seen my resto thread lately but I've found more surprises on my car and it has put her on hold until I get my front clip from California. (Rot in front rails)

    Talk to you later.

    That's a good deal! Another thing to keep in mind is the clutch pedal assembly is different with a 340 car. They usually have a brace, larger spring and a different fulcrum point then the slant six/318 ones. Again, I'm not sure if the clutch pedal was only different with the four speed cars, I just heard it was 340 cars. I can take a picture of the hole in my dash for the reverse light I you'd like? You'll be able to easily see if your car has ever had one by looking behind the dash to see if it was welded over.

    Happy new year.
    Thanks! It's coming along slowly... Hopefully by this summer I'll have all the metal work done and in primer.

    That's awesome you're putting the 3 speed standard back in your car!
    Hey Jason, I am keeping the swinger a four speed, but I might be able to get you a set of pedals. I will call the guy this week for you, I'm sure he'll have a set. Same goes for the flywheel. If he has the parts you need I'll PM you his contact info. A three speed standard car shouldn't have the reverse light beside the ashtray.. You might wanna look into that some more, but I remember reading somewhere that it was only the four speeds that got the reverse light.
    hey man sorry my comp spaced out i was uploading another pic and it fucked up, your dad had 38 gumbos? thats bad *** hey pm me those pics if you can get some id love to see the truck man. laterz
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