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    Rear End Set-up on 72 Dart

    What do you plan to run for shocks front and rear? They can be a make or break to your goal.
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    Fluid film it, bag it, strap it to a hand truck, put it in your basement next to your furnace, keep it warm
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    Can a small block timing chain jump a tooth?

    To jump a tooth requires a slack chain; find out how much slack you have in your chain. remove your distributor cap, put a ratchet on the crank bolt, start with the damper on "0" slowly rotate the crank until the rotor just starts to move; remember/write down number, rotate the crank back in...
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    318 power?

    I went back and dug out my time slips from 2007 when I ran a Teener; specs of car and engine are listed in 12 second combinations. I guess your times in the 1/8 will be high to mid 8's
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    318 power?

    Maybe 375HP, maybe low 8's, high 7's
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    Re using cast iron rings?

    I would not need to, ring is already seated
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    Re using cast iron rings?

    Here's a question I hope some one can answer.........If a ring is seated to a cylinder bore, how can it's removal from that cylinder and then it's re-installation to that bore ruin it's seal?? I realize I'm the heretic in this discussion; some one has to do it.
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    Re using cast iron rings?

    I'll get killed for this, I say go for it. Learn something, the acquisition of knowledge is not with out effort; when done you will know with certainty if it can be done. As already stated put the rings back in the same hole they came out of, think "how does a ring know it came out of it's...
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    Drive shaft loop

    I will suggest that you put a hoop at each end of the driveshaft. the one on the differential will probably be a custom made piece; I've not ever seen commercially made units. The one up front keeps you from pogosticking; the one on the diff keeps you from doing this
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    Taking bets(no money involved) How long will this engine last?

    Been there, done that. You are not the first person to do something like this and you won't be the last. as already stated, if you got it as clean as possible, you're golden.
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    Eagle SIR6123CB rods Vs stock.

    I had a set in a 500hp 360, spun it to 7 thou on a regular basis. What pistons are you planning to use? They are quite a bit lighter than stock rods, you will need to balance your rotating assembly.
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    SBM Crank Identification Help!

    Your first crank, the mains have been cut .010 as they measure by your account 2.49, standard is 2.50, with no pictures I can not tell you if it is cast or forged; you can figure that out just by looking at it; (reference your 360 crank parting line is narrow, cast) wide parting line (forged)...
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    I was just cleaning up some paper work, and one item was the employment offer, dated April 1, 2022. Irony doesn't get any better than this.
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    I want to thank our member A56 for going above and beyond as a board member, reaching out and assisting another member (me) in this *** ache. He contacted Autozone, supplied me with peoples names, contact numbers, e-mails etc. I spoke with the district manager, she admitted fault was theirs; a...
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    Who knows, who cares.........the whole event paints quite a picture of just who/what Autozone is, behind their facade! It just blows my mind to be terminated before my first scheduled day of work because some district manager allegedly could not reach me by phone, yet she left no message on my...