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  • trying to do this on the down low my fellow racers don't find out.im running at the Pure Stock Drags so it's gotta look and sound Stock-heads ,carb,exh man.im running on repop polyglas tires(F70-14).havent dropped engine off yet& I know nothing about cam spec's,it's gonna be a stroker (eagle) mild port job on X heads.builder is thinking a hyd roller cam 230@50 w538 lift? I'm assuming converter w 2200-2500 stall
    Dear Jim:
    Thank you for your call yesterday and your message!! I am delighted to hear from you, Old Buddy!! When you called yesterday, I was home...in the cellar with the music blasting as I worked to box up the fender. I didn't hear the phone ring and didn't learn of your call until later. Getting the fender into cardboard was a 2 hour wrestling match.

    Right now, I have one bid. I think that the fender is worth more than I plan to sell it for, but shipping is incredibly expensive. That fender has been in the trusses of my shop for 30 years and it's time for it to find a new home.

    I hope to talk with you soon. I hope that all is well with you.

    Gettin R-Dun, slowly but surely...

    Tuesday, she goes to the (Maaco) paint shop. Then Friday, back home (hopefully.)

    The fuel system and some wiring have yet to be installed, but other than that and a few niggling little items like the throttle cable, and she's 100-percent.

    Too bad you're so far away; I think we could have some fun, once we get this thing somewhat tuned...
    If you want it, I'll give you the section of the quater for the repair. The quater will be a bit of a jig saw puzzle, sometimes that's what it takes. If I remenber, you live in NJ, I'm in NY, let me know. On another note; did you ever find a cable operated 904 and converter?
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