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  • Yo Jim, this is Lee's friend Todd. I asked him to reach out to you regarding any leads on a '67 Dart GT. I appreciate you keeping an ear to the ground for me. There's plenty of junk out there, or just stuff I don't want. Thanks man! ~Todd
    Jim Lusk
    No problem. I haven't been in the market for an old car for a very long time. I am shocked by where project car prices are these days. Good luck with the search.
    Hi Jim,
    I'm interested in buying a K-frame from you or sending you one for your modification (if I can find one).
    I want the Direct Connection type A-body big block K-frame. I currently run a 440 in my 68 Dart Convertible, with Schumaker mounts. (car was a slant 6)
    Can you e-mail or text me please?
    Phone (541) 650-9764
    Bob Moffitt
    I was told you might be able to help me. I am curious about motor mounts for a Big Block on a 73 up spool mount K member. I have been told 76 Cordoba mounts would work. I could use your knowledge to make the right purchases. Car is currently a 73 slant six. Thank you.
    Hello Jim,

    I read somewhere you can make the early a body Big Block motor mounts. I’m going from the 273 to a 383. Is this something you still do?
    Someone had said that you might be able to help...(They only allow 420 characters so had to do a second post) thanks
    I have 73 duster that I want to put a Big block in. K-Member in it has had mounts cut off. Looking for a new k-member. So my question is do I find a spool mount style K-member out of a 73-76 a-body, or would it be better to get a biscuit style K-member. Schumacher's phone has been disconnected, so where would I get mounts for a biscuit style K-member?
    I saw a response from you to another inquiry regarding upper control arms. I'm in need of a driver's side (left) upper control arm, preferably with ball joint and bushings installed/pressed. My vehicle is a 1972 Dodge Dart Custom 318 v8. If you are able to accommodate, please let me know what the price would be. Thanks for your time.
    Hello Jim
    I thought I would send you some contact info for me, if you get the low down on the darts.
    Stephen Mulkey
    661.316.8163 or som@wilsonsindustrial.com

    Thanks again and stay cool, ain't easy in the valley
    Jim, just a note to say hello. I was referred to you by bakaruda, I am restoring a 1969 Dart GT and he said you would be a great resource.
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