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  • Hey, Magnum, I was just reading (one of a couple...) a thread where you mention in-tank fuel pump VS. external. How do you figure out what to use for an elderly '63 dodge 330?
    Couple other questions, if you don't mind - dropping a 5.9L Magnum. Keeping it stock, using the PB tranny in the '63. Do you know someone who can program the ECU? Then, what would you charge for a custom under hood harness?
    Did you ever make the serpentine bracket for the magnum engines to delete AC and PS? If so how much to get just the bracket?
    Hello I just saw a post from years ago and said that you had brake conversion for small bolt pattern that might fit my 1970 10" drums?
    could you give me information and price for gas tank for fuel injections for a 1973 Duster doing a swap to a 5.9 magnum will be running stock fuel injections

    I just cam across a post you put up about a year ago. It's about the 5.9 magnum swap, and you mentioned that the 96-97 com doesn't need a flash. Does that mean the engine setup can be more easily swapped? I just recently purchased a 73' dart swinger that needs a new engine and I also acquired a complete 5.9 engine harness and com for free from a family member.
    Hi I saw on one of your posts last summer you were selling or building front disc brake conversions 5x4 or 5x4.5. $500 shipped. Could you please give me some details? I have a 72 Swinger. Please disregard if I have the wrong posting Thx Steve 716-640-4406
    Can you give me some more info and price and pics of the wiring harness you build please ? I'm putting a 1998 5.9 magnum in a 1989 dodge w250. Keeping the 89 transmission.
    If get his number please contact me at 8642768091
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