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  • Hi Motown missile, Kendall here aka 69 formula s. If you still have the J converter part #17509 I am very interested in buying it from you, I need a converter for my barracuda.
    Send him a personal message. This is just a profile post.
    We just put it in a friend's car. Sorry. Oh, I go by Macomb Missile.

    Be well....Mike.
    Hi Mike ,
    Frank here, I hope Dick pulls through too many legends have passed recently, Guys like him and even you make me proud I run with the Mopar Pack.
    Give our best wishes to Mr. Oldfield as he has a great friend in you sir. Motown Missile Mopar Missile And Macomb Missile.
    69formula s
    Ok, thanks for letting me know. Enjoy your weekend!
    Hi Mike,

    John Laube here.

    Those 4" BC Gyros are pretty hard to find, although my little brother has a pair
    just like yours. I have a pair of 4.5" BC ones. You can easily tell which BC they
    are because the 4" have a push in center cap (no room for screw holes) while
    the 4.5" have the 5 small screws to hold the center cap on.

    Anyway, I just wanted to know if you ran these. Whoever did, ran them without
    tubes because there are TL valve stems installed. All of them I've seen are like

    These wheels, like the original Cragar Super Tricks, have no "bead retention humps"
    in the wheel and I'm sure that you noticed, as soon as you deflate a tire it just falls
    away from the rim.

    I'm just looking for an opinion that I can run these on a B-body without danger of them
    pulling away from the rim on a sharp turn with a bump in it (worst case scenario).

    What do you think?

    Thank you,
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