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  • Hello, I was looking at the thread on the 2x4 setups and I ran across yours. I hope you dont mind me asking a few questions, but if I am intruding please disregard this.

    Yours looks similar to the one I bought a few months ago. Mine is an Edelbrock TR5. It has 2 small holleys that came with it and it hasnt been used in over 6 years. Your carbs are setting sideways where mine are front to back. Mine will fit either way but I need linkage for either setup. Does sideways work better? Also how much hood scoop do you need to clear? Do you have any pics with hood closed? Are you happy with your setup?
    Thanks for any help you can send my way. I hope top start my car sometime next fall. Its a 66 Dart and I am just starting it.
    You can send your pics and information to my email,

    Rodney Hake
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